Waterlily Alba Flower Swans with Sygnets Badger by sett- by Sam Goff


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Firstly, Thanks for visiting. This is the project of Alex Staniforth, a fifteen-year-old wildlife enthusiast and photographer. I do hope that my website can help our local wildlife in some way as that's the purpose of this site. Any suggestions or requests? Leave a Guestbook comment or email me. Keep visiting and I'll do my best to get new content on as much as I can. Feel free to explore and do check regularly for updates.. You may have seen me in the Chester Chronicle recently- click here to view my fox and rabbit photo full size!

News & Updates

10/5/11- Have you seen my new Blue Tit Nestbox camera? You can check how Kelsall's Blue Tits are getting on with raising their chicks- all on camera for you to enjoy. Update- there are now 6 baby chicks and a video!

10/5/11- Some great new photos in 'Your Pictures' from Bob Chilton.

23/4/11- New Blog!

1/4/11- Some great new photos in 'Your Pictures' from Cheshire Wildlife Photographer Sam Kerry.

Most Recent Article

Save The Forests Campaign: 17/2/2011-

Update. We've won!! The Government cancelled  their plans and listened to the public. Fantastic- but, we're not out of the woods yet. The Government have formed an 'expert' panel which will decide the fate of our forests in the Autumn. It is made up of all the usual suspects, but thankfully the RSPB and Woodland Trust are on it with a mind to conserve it for wildlife. Myself and the Save Delamere Forest group shall be keeping a close eye on it. We will be ready to fight back again if need be!

Events & Notices

The bird nesting season is well underway- please do not disturb hedges! Be patient because if you disturb nesting birds during this time of year than you are actually breaking the law. Please wait!

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