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The best place to find out what Cheshire Wildlife Group is all about..

What's the purpose of CWG?

Cheshire Wildlife Group is primarily for information purposes. I wanted to create something that can help wildlife.

Why did I set it up?

I think that there is a lack of enthusiasm, awareness and understanding of our environment. Many people are taking the wrong approach to their gardening- Destroying habitats and greenery and replacing it with drab decking, patios and pebbled borders. If people realised that they could attract such as wonderful variation of wildlife to their garden, they would then understand and support the wildlife which needs us. Awareness and enthusiasm is key. The average British family can see wildlife as pests and see green space as untidy or high maintenance. Greenery, Trees and Plants are not high maintenance. Modern, expensive things like decking, pots, patios and pebbles are even more high maintenance. They are expensive, drab, attract rats and continue to destroy habitat for wildlife which is so important. People don't realise how wonderful or enjoyable it is to watch wildlife in your garden. It doesn't have to be expensive. The videos and the photo gallery can show people what they are missing out on. Or could miss altogether if we don't act to protect them. You can get guidance on how you can help our wildlife. Guidance, awareness and encouragement is what's needed. My second ambition is to inspire more people to take up an interest in our fantastic wildlife- which can only be a good thing.

So, what are you waiting for? Cheshire Wildlife Group wants to get you helping and enjoying the wonderful wildlife around us...

Why Cheshire?

We live in a largely rural, green country with a climate which supports different ecosystems and a large variety of wildlife and fauna. Cheshire itself is more rural and green than a lot of other counties/areas (except the Highlands and Lake District perhaps) and we have many forests, marshes, fields, hedgerows, gardens, many nature parks and a reputation for being full of diversity. The fact I live in Cheshire and most of my articles and photography are related to Cheshire is also to do with it..

About Me

My names Alex. I'm 15. I live in Kelsall, Cheshire which is luckily close to the gems of Primrose Wood and Delamere Forest. It's just a 10 minute walk from my house to farmers fields where I see buzzards regularly, it's a 20 minute walk to my local woods where everything from stoats to squirrels can be seen, and I love walking during sunrise and sunset in these places for the atmosphere and to venture into an almost new environment where everything comes alive.

 I care very much about our environment and I will admit that it can stress me out to hear aAlex with European Eagle Owlbout how global warming, deforestation and how wild animals are suffering and declining due to humans. My ambition is to try and add to the efforts made by other concerned people like myself to help protect and conserve wildlife, I used my amateur skills in website designing to make this site, which I have designed and published completely by myself and out of my own pocket. I do not make any money from my site, and apart from a bit of advertisement I'm not planning to- but I will encourage people to donate to wildlife charities and funds.  I love to be outside in the wild natural environment in places such as Delamere Forest and Primrose Wood. People often say a 15 year old bird watcher needs to get out more. They can suit themselves.

But maybe it's time my website becomes less of a blog, and I need to get back on track. My interest in wildlife has been here since I was young, and has increased over the years, especially when I got into photography roughly 2 years ago. Most of the photos and videos on the website are my own or my friend Sam's. Why not show off our work somewhere?

Please take a look at my Flickr account for my whole spectrum of photography-

I would like to say a special thanks to a few people:

Sam Goff- 

Sam is another teenager my age with enthusiasm for wildlife. Since I started CWG, Sam has emailed me lots of great Photography and Videos and given suggestions/ideas on the site which I am grateful for. He takes great pictures and he finds and photographs such a wide array of wildlife- showing perseverance and photographic skill. Without Sam's fantastic contribution, CWG would have less than half of the pictures and videos for you to enjoy. Thanks Goffy!

John Hammond-

John is the webmaster of the Kelsall village website and when I was hoping to produce a website I contacted him with many questions as I had little experience and no idea of where to start. He gave me lots of advice and helped explain the many things I was unsure on. He kindly helped promote my website and many of my visitors are due to this. Since then John has regularly put informative news items on the Kelsall website related to the campaigns I am following and promoting and during the cold winter spells with my information of what to do, he has helped people protect our wildlife. I am very grateful for his support.

The Visitors-

I would like to thank anyone who has continued to visit this site regularly for updates, anyone who leaves a constructive or complimentary Guestbook comment or emails me with feedback or compliments. I've had about 3700 hits so far (6/12/2010) which has risen rapidly in the past year). Getting compliments from people who enjoy looking at my site is why I started Cheshire Wildlife Group in the first place and the reason I keep it up every year...


Advertisement Space Available- 225 x 785 pixels.

Small local businesses or individuals related to or working with local wildlife and nature photography are preferred. Cheap annual price for businesses, no charge for local wildlife charities.

See below to contact me for more details.



All my content is available for personal or educational purposes but all content, photography and media belongs to Cheshire Wildlife Group or has been attained with permission. To reproduce or publish any of my photographic or video content please contact me first. 

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