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Waterlily Alba Flower Swans with Sygnets Badger by sett- by Sam Goff


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     Activities and DIY

Some DIY projects for you to try...

If you have success with them, why not email me a picture of wildlife using them?

Some of these DIY projects benefit certain animals and certain times of the year. The How to Help page will tell you this. No measurements are exact but are approximate to make these projects more adaptable. Try to make as many as you can! I will also try and get some pictures on here to help you.


Click on a project below:

A Wildlife Pond Attract frogs and wildlife to your garden.

A Mini Bird Table Save money with this easy bird table and enjoy watching the birds visit.

Fat and Seed Bird Feeder Save money and help out the birds during colder weather.

Bird Nest Box Help nesting wild birds by replacing lost habitat.


 More to come..


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Small local businesses or individuals related to or working with local wildlife and nature photography are preferred. Cheap annual price for businesses, no charge for local wildlife charities.

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