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     Activities and DIY

A Mini Bird Table:

This bird table is a very cheap, easy and simple way to create a smaller but just as good bird table. You can easily adapt this to make a birdbath.

You need:

A piece of wood at least 1 metre tall. Make sure one end is completely flat.

An empty and clean Ice cream or butter tub, can be painted if you want an attractive bird table.

Very strong wood glue or super glue.  

2 nickel or steel screws- at least 30mm.


Find a suitable area in your garden. Try to keep it away from cars, from trees or any other object that may allow cats to climb up. Hammer the piece of wood into the ground, if you have only one flat end do not push this part into the ground. If you have no grass or soft ground, you could alternatively make a stand for your bird table by attaching 4 short, strong pieces of wood and nailing them to the main plank using very short nails (Avoid injury to wildlife). Make sure the main plank is sturdy and secure. If you are using a stand make sure this is sturdy and push the stand pieces into the ground as well.

Get your ice cream tub or butter tub of the correct depth. Using a drill, mark the centre of the tub (where it will meet the wood) and make a few small holes in the bottom of the tub. Coat the top of the wood with the glue. Simply stick on the tub and press down so it sticks, whilst wet, drill both screws next to each other in the centre of the tub all the way into the wood . Allow to dry. You can fill this with nuts, suet, mealworms, seed and bread. To make this into a birdbath, simply use a shallower tub of about 1.5 - 2 inches deep.

To wash, empty any food, put warm/hot water in the tub with some fairy liquid and leave to soak for a couple of minutes, then using a sponge or scourer, scrub and wipe the tub.

Empty the soapy water and rinse very well with clean water. Top it up with an assortment of bird seed, nuts and bread. 


Why not take a picture of wildlife using your DIY Bird Table and email me to have them featured on the site?



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