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     Activities and DIY

Fat and Seed Bird Feeder

Save money and help birds during cold weather!

This is a good treat for your birds especially in cold weather and in Winter. They can be put into any shape so you can put them into a hanging cup or coconut shell half. Or, just mould it into balls and hang up in a net. This project includes the cup hanger, which is an effective way of holding this mixture.

You need:

About half a block of Lard

Bird seed

A plastic, vending machine-style cup

40 cm of String , or longer if there are squirrels around.

A lollypop stick or small long piece of wood (about 2 inch)  


Simply put a large pan on the hob and heat the lard on a gentle heat. The amount of lard you have will make the amount of fat mix if not a slight bit more. Meanwhile, put a hole in the cup with a nail or thin, sharp object. Tie the string around the wood tightly and thread through the hole. Pour seed into cup. When melted, pour lard into seed-filled cup until the lard reaches the top. Be careful with the hot lard. Leave the lard cup to cool and set. Tie up tightly to a tree branch and leave to hang away from nearby branches because of squirrels or cats. Watch the birds enjoy their treat!

Why not take a picture of wildlife using your DIY Feeder and email me to have them featured on the site?


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