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Waterlily Alba Flower Swans with Sygnets Badger by sett- by Sam Goff


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     Photo Gallery  

Alex's Mixed Gallery-

Here is a varied collection of some of the authors best wildlife photography. Most of these were taken in my garden, some taken from my bedroom window- it proves how easy it is to attract wildlife. All taken on a Casio EX-FH20.

Click on any picture to view it at full resolution. 

Buzzard Cheshire Sunset- Alex Staniforth
Rural Buzzard soaring over the fields Cheshire Sunset
Damselflies Heart- Alex Staniforth Canada Geese- Alex Staniforth
Damselflies- notice the heart formation! Male and 3 female Canada Geese
Waterlily Alba- Alex Staniforth Swans + Sygnets- Alex Staniforth
Waterlily Alba Blossom Swans with their Sygnets
Squirrel- Alex Staniforth Red Damselfly- Alex Staniforth
Grey Squirrel in my garden up to his usual nutty business Red Damselflies- in my pond
Nuthatch- Alex Staniforth Chaffinch- Alex Staniforth
Woodland Nuthatch Male Chaffinch taking to flight
Frog- Alex STaniforth Crocus- Alex Staniforth
Common Frog in my garden pond Spring Woodland Crocus Blossom
Chalkhill Blue- Alex Staniforth Great Spotted Woodpecker- Alex Staniforth
Chalkhill Blue Butterfly- taken at the fantastic valley of the River Thouet, in Airvault, France near a great campsite called Courte de Vallee. A beautiful British butterfly too, found in chalk lowlands. Great Spotted Woodpecker- enticed to my garden with suet!
Run Rabbit, Run! You're not the only one looking at a rabbit! Taken in Kelsall, Cheshire on an April evening at 6pm.



Why not visit my Flickr account for my wider spectrum of photography from Pets to Planes?

Feel free to use my photos in posters, presentations or anything like that but only if you state that they belong to Cheshire Wildlife Group!

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All my content is available for personal or educational purposes but all content, photography and media belongs to Cheshire Wildlife Group or has been attained with permission. To reproduce or publish any of my photographic or video content please contact me first. 

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