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Waterlily Alba Flower A pair of swans with their sygnets. A badger coming out of it's sett by Sam Goff Primrose Wood






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Floral and Pollination-

What do flowers have to do with wildlife? Flowers and vegetation are very important for many processes such as pollination. Bees and Butterflies are the main pollinators, and without them in our gardens crops such as Courgettes and Apple trees would have very little fruit on them. Orchards mainly rely on natural pollination from handy, useful creatures like Bees and Butterflies. Unfortunately, they are both in decline and therefore visit the 'How to Help' page for some ideas. 

I don't actually know the name for all of these flowers- please let me know if you can identify any! Last updated on 10/3/10.

Daisy Marguerite Bumblebee
I think these are Daisy 'Marguerite' but please correct me. They flower beautifully throughout Summer.
Pink Rose Pansy
The Rose- As attractive to Bees as they are to women! Pansies- One of the flowers that everyone knows
Waterlily Alba Daffodils
Water lily Alba Flower in my pond- a helipad for pollination! Potted Daffodils- Springtime!
Purple Aubrieta- A common climber throughout Spring A nice close-up of a bee pollinating some purple flowers.
Snowdrops Crocuses
Spring Snowdrops- I found these whilst out walking. Spring Crocuses flowering in strong sunlight
Close-up of Spring Crocus on Macro camera setting

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