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Waterlily Alba Flower A pair of swans with their sygnets. A badger coming out of it's sett by Sam Goff Primrose Wood

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Landscapes and Scenery:

What does Landscape and Scenery have to do with wildlife?

It's all part of the package. Part of Birdwatching and Wildlife-watching is going out to places, such as forests, parks and green space. These are the best places to find wildlife and they are usually beautiful places to be whether you're watching wildlife or not. Getting wildlife in your garden is great- but going to natural places like a forest gives you a better experience and probably a larger chance of spotting something like a Stoat or an Owl.

Primrose Wood Forest- Primrose Wood
Primrose Wood. A small forest in Kelsall, Tarporley.
Sunset Sunset
Above a farmer's field in Utkinton, Tarporley (S.G) Sunset from 39 Steps in Kelsall, Tarporley
Sunset in Kelsall Sunshine in Kelsall
Spectacular Sunset from 39 Steps in Kelsall, Tarporley Beautiful daylight sun. I took this again at the 39 Steps during a snowy period.

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