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Waterlily Alba Flower Swans with Sygnets Badger by sett- by Sam Goff


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Sam Goff's Mixed Gallery-

Here is a varied collection of some of Sam's superb wildlife photography. Most of these were taken in the leafy Cheshire area, and can be found across the website.

Click on any picture to view it at full resolution. 

Badger- Sam Goff Kestrel- Sam Goff
Badger coming out of its sett, Utkinton, Cheshire Kestrel hovering over fields
Young Goldfinch- Sam Goff A Trio of Goldfinches- Sam Goff
Young Goldfinch Three Goldfinches on a Nyjer seed feeder
Coal Tit- Sam Goff House Sparrow- Sam Goff
Coal Tit: a smaller, duller but agile version of the Blue Tit Female House Sparrow
Chaffinch- Sam Goff Daffodil- Sam Goff
Close-up Chaffinch on a lawn Close-up Spring Daffodil Blossom
Male House Sparrow- Sam Goff Grey Squirrel- Sam Goff
Male House Sparrow Grey Squirrel munching up in the forests trees..
Tree Creeper-Sam Goff Sunset- Sam Goff
Treecreeper- Similar to a Nuthatch but smaller and can climb vertically up tree trunks. Tarporley, Cheshire Rural Sunset- Stunning shot! Utkinton, Cheshire
Butterfly on Buttercup- Sam Goff Bumblebee on flowers- Sam Goff
Butterfly on a Buttercup Bumblebee on Flowers with Macro
Buzzard- Sam Goff Rabbit- Sam Goff
A superb close-up action shot of a Buzzard Rabbits! Just gotta' love em, and they're not hard to find!
Mallard- Sam Goff Fly Catcher- Sam Goff
Female Mallard Duck- Head close-up! Spotted Flycatcher- by a lake in Tarporley, Cheshire
Swallow feeding- Sam Goff Tree Sparrow- Sam Goff
It takes skill, patience and precision to get a fantastic feeding shot of one of the fastest flying British birds! Tree Sparrow- A bit more scarce in Cheshire forests and rural areas. Similar to a House Sparrow.
Red-legged Partridge- Sam Goff Canada Goose- Sam Goff
Red Legged Partridge- It's not very often you have Game birds on your roof, unless you live near pasture! Canada Goose- Head-shot

You will find Sam's excellent photography used across the Cheshire Wildlife Group website, and the site wouldn't be the same or as picture-filled without it. Thanks Sam!

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