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The Blue Tit:

Cyanistes caeruleus. A common and widespread garden bird. Blue Tits are very agile and can hang from almost anywhere. It is a valuable destroyer of pests, but can damage young tree buds. However, it destroys more coccids and aphids than any other species. These are the worst foes of many plants. It also eats other insects as well as the usual seed, nuts, suet and bread. It has a bright blue crown, a yellow belly, white cheeks, a yellowish-green back with a black line on it's chest. It will nest in any suitable hole in a tree, wall, stump, or an artificial nest box. The nesting material is usually moss, wool, feathers and hair, and the eggs are usually laid in April or May. If you put out food in your garden, especially suet and peanuts, you will almost definitely spot one of these. Remember not to put out food during the Summer, as it prevents the birds from getting natural food- which is abundant in the warm Summer months. A very interesting and colourful bird. 

Picture- Alex Staniforth, Kelsall, Cheshire. Suet Fat Ball.


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