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The Goldfinch:

Goldfinch Baby Goldfinch

Carduelis carduelis. An extremely colourful, small bird in the Finch family. The picture on the right is a baby goldfinch- note there is no red crown. The sexes are broadly similar, with a red face, black and white head, warm brown upperparts and black and yellow wings. It eats small seeds such as thistles and teasels, but insects are also taken when feeding young. It is attracted to gardens by bird feeders containing nyjer (or niger) seed. It will not be likely to visit feeders containing bird seed, or bird tables, unless they contain niger seed. However, in Winter it will visit bird feeders regularly. They nest in the outer twigs of tall leafy trees, or even in bamboo, laying four to six eggs. It's song is a pleasant silvery twittering. In the winter they group together to form flocks of 40 or occasionally more birds. You will be quite lucky to see one in the wild, but if you put out niger seed in your garden you will have a good chance of seeing one. Just be patient. Niger seed will also attract Siskins, Bullfinches, Chaffinches and Greenfinches. A stunning, interesting and beautiful bird. Local people could see one of these in Primrose Wood, Kelsall, and most forests altogether. While on a dog walk recently, I spotted at least half a dozen of these and a Treecreeper fluttering around in a tree above me.

Left Picture-Alex Staniforth, Kelsall, Cheshire

Right picture (Baby Goldfinch)- Sam Goff


Check the photo galleries for more goldfinch photography- both me and Sam have frequent visitors to our gardens!


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