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The European Hedgehog:

European Hedgehog

Erinaceus europaeus. A small, spiny, mainly nocturnal mammal. It is about 20cm in length and is common and useful for eating garden pests especially slugs. When alarmed, the Hedgehog shows its sharp spines. It can be found in both woodland and suburban areas. They are regular visitors to gardens. To attract them to your garden try putting out a dish of dry dog or cat food, a bowl of milk, and keeping a large undisturbed woodpile they will use for nesting in. Alternatively, buy a hedgehog home. If you are ever lighting a bonfire remember to check the woodpile before you light it for Hedgehogs, which often rest/hibernate in wood piles. Also, from November to about Mid-March they hibernate.

This picture does not belong to Cheshire Wildlife Group (hedgehogs are a bit of a prickly subject to photograph as they are mainly nocturnal!) Got one of your own?



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