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Waterlily Alba Flower Swans with Sygnets Badger by sett- by Sam Goff


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                      Photo Gallery

Your Pictures-

A gallery of wildlife photography sent in by the public and visitors of CWG! This is your chance to get your photography skills shown to wildlife enthusiasts! Please, it doesn't matter how good you think it is, if you have any wildlife or nature pictures, taken in your garden or out and about in Cheshire then email it to me! Whether it's Badgers or Butterflies, Pigeons or Frogs or anything big or small then please send it to me so your work can be proudly placed here with full credit.

Swallow flying into it's nest- Mark Edwards

Grey Heron by Sam Kerry

Superb indoor shot of a Swallow mid-flight flying towards it's nest- Thanks to Mark Edwards for this great picture!

A great shot of a Grey Heron by a pond in Cheshire, with a nice reflection in the water too. Thanks to Sam Kerry for this great picture!
White Mallard by Sam Kerry Peacock Butterfly by Nic Bell

An unusual White Mallard Duck, taken on a Spring day, near a pond in Cheshire. It better keep its ducklings and clutch of 8-13 eggs away from the Heron- known to predate on them. Thanks to Sam Kerry for this great picture!

A gorgeous Peacock Butterfly, taken on logs in January! This is unusual, and the butterfly must have been woken from hibernation, probably by the spell of warmer weather we had after Christmas before our second big freeze. Thanks to Nic Bell for this great picture!

A cracking close-up of an Ichneumon Fly (Rhyssa Persausoria) by Bob Chilton. A great shot of this interestingly unusual and uncommon insect.

A nice birds-eye view of Drosophila Rotundiflora with it's unusual flowers. Taken by Bob Chilton. Great work Bob!



Wildlife Photographs- of any kind!


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Small local businesses or individuals related to or working with local wildlife and nature photography are preferred. Cheap annual price for businesses, no charge for local wildlife charities.

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All my content is available for personal or educational purposes but all content, photography and media belongs to Cheshire Wildlife Group or has been attained with permission. To reproduce or publish any of my photographic or video content please contact me first. 

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